Select your prescription sunglasses type :

Single Vision

These lenses correct one focal area, distance, computer or reading and are what most people choose.

Starting at $135



These lenses provide seamless correction for all distances, far computer and reading.

If your prescription has an "ADD" value these lenses are for you.

Starting at $200



These lenses have a visible line that separates the Distance area from the reading area.

Staring at $155

Prescription Sunglasses Lenses available in Polarized and in CR-39 Polycarbonate 1.67 High Index, Polarized lenses help you see better by reducing glare to improve visual depth. They also offer the ultimate U.V Protection.

Designer & Sport Eyewear (NO Prescription)

Replacement Lenses for any brand sun & fashion glasses, for all the style and protection without vision correction.

Starting at $55