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Our Eyewear Lenses Guide :


Single Vision

These lenses correct one focal area, distance, computer or reading and are what most people choose.

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These lenses provide seamless correction for all distances, far computer and reading.

If your prescription has an "ADD" value these lenses are for you.

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These lenses have a visible line that separates the Distance area from the reading area.

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Custom matched magnification for strain free reading

Sun & Designer
Replacement Lenses for Sun & Designer Eyewear (Non-Rx)

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Add Transitions, Blue Light Blocker or Polarized Sun-RX

Classic Clear

One of our most popular lens types is loaded with all of our key benefits—scratch-resistant, anti-reflective & hydrophobic treatments, plus UV protection—for no hidden add-on costs at checkout.

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Blue Light Blocker - a popular favorite

Blue light is a range of wave-light emitted by the sun, led computer monitors, led phones, and other electronic screens. This filter blocks a high percentage of blue light and costs an additional $15.
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Transitions - Grey, Brown, Green plus XtrActive available

This type of lenses transition from fully clear to a darker tint (choose from grey, brown, or green) when exposed to sun-light, relieving you from eye strain and reducing glare. This lens type usually adds about $55 to the total cost.

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Polarized lenses are a great option for anyone who spends time outdoors. If you’re working outdoors, especially when doing high-glare activities around water or snow, polarized lenses help reduce glare and provide additional clarity while keeping your eyes protected.

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Classic, Polycarbonate and high-index choices for almost every range of prescriptions

Classic CR-39

One of the highest optical quality materials and a great choice for lower prescriptions.



The most popular option, they are lightweight and impact-resistant, the safest choice for children and people with active lifestyles.


1.67 high-index

Recommended for anyone with a strong prescription (+/-4.0 or higher total power), 1.67 high-index lenses are up to 20% thinner than polycarbonate lenses.

1.74 high-index

These lenses are recommended for those with especially strong prescriptions (-8.0 or higher total power). If unsure, don't worry, we will review your order and can reach out if its a good fit :)



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