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Progressive Lenses ( No line Bifocal, Multifocal )

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Classic Progressives: Classic Clear
Transitions ( + $50 ): No Transitions
Blue Blocker ( + $15 ): No Blue Blocker
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Classic Design

  • Digital Progressive
  • Standard Anti Scratch & Anti-Reflection Included.
  • Good Vision at a Great Price

* Not Available for Rimless or Semi-rimless
* Recommended for low prescriptions only.

Advanced Design 


  • Wider Distance Area & Smother Progression
  • Up to 20% Thinner and Lighter than Classic Progressives
  • Premium Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflection Included.

The Best Balance of Value and Performance

* Recommended for medium prescriptions.

Supreme Design


  • Widest Distance, Computer & Reading Areas
  • Virtually No Adaptation Period
  • Up to 40% Thinner & Lighter than Classic Progressives
  • Easy To Clean Premium Anti-Reflection Included.
  • Premium Anti-Scratch

* Recommended for all prescriptions.

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